Tigre Delta from Buenos Aires by Train and Cruise

Written by Peter Lauffer
July 22, 2021

Buenos Aires in Argentina is full of Tourist Attractions, but if you have an extra day in the city and are in the mood to explore an exciting outskirt, consider going to Tigre and explore the Tigre River Delta, one of the largest river deltas in the World.

Train at the Tigre Station in Buenos Aires
Train at the Tigre Station in Buenos Aires

Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Tigre

Start the trip by taking a cruise on one of the Sturla boats leaving Puerto Madero in downtown Buenos Aires to Tigre Harbor. The Sturla harbor is next to the ferry terminal of Buquebus, from which the ferry departs to Montevideo and Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay. 

The Sturla cruise boat brings you in about 90 minutes to Tigre Harbor, cruising first on the Rio de la Plata and then entering the narrow canals of the Tigre Delta. Cruising the canal labyrinth of the delta is very scenic. On both sides of the waterways, you find weekend houses that are only accessible by boat. The cruise boat shares its space in the delta with canoes, taxi boats, and private yachts. There are even floating grocery stores that visit the houses along the canal. 

Terrace of the Restaurant Kanoo on the shores of the Sarmiento Canal in the Tigre Delta

What to do in Tigre 

Puerto Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Puerto Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The city of Tigre is full of restaurants where you can have lunch. If you seek something special, I recommend having lunch in one of the restaurants accessible only by boats like Kanoo, Extra Brut, and Danilo. 

Contact the restaurant before you arrive to be sure they are open and can receive guests. When you call, be sure to ask for directions how to get there. Some restaurants offer private boat transport, and others will tell you how to use a Taxi-Boat from Tigre Harbor. If a restaurant offers you a private boat, ask for the price of the ride before you confirm. Taxi boats are like buses on waterways: you share the boat with other passengers. Tell the captain your destination, and he will drop you off at whatever restaurant you tell him.

On your return to Tigre, take some time to stroll around the city before returning to Buenos Aires by train. 

Tren a las Costa and Tigre - Retiro Railway 

The city of Tigre has two railway stations, the Delta Station and the Tigre Railway Station. The The two stations are about 900m (3100 ft) from each other. 

"Tran a la Costa" from Tigre to Maipu, Buenos Aires
"Tran a la Costa" from Tigre to Maipu, Buenos Aires

The Delta Station is the endpoint of the "Tren a la Costa,"  a tourist train service between the Avenida Maipu Station in Buenos Aires and the Delta Station in Tigre. 

The "Tren a la Costa" journey is a bit more complex because you have to change railway stations between Maipu and Mitre, and you’ll need two tickets to reach central Buenos Aires.

If you prefer a direct and shorter train connection, take the suburban train at the Tigre Railway station and travel directly to the Retiro Station. As the train approaches the city, it fills with commuters. The train runs every 10 minutes, and it takes about one hour for the 29 km journey. You can pay for the ticket with your SUBE Travel Card. 

The historic renovated main hall of the Retiro Station is well worth a visit even if you don't plan to take a train.   

Retiro Railway Station Buenos Aires

In our “Journey from Buenos Aires to Lima”, we visit the Tigre Delta from Buenos Aires, making a boat trip from Puerto Madero. We have lunch near Tigre and return to Buenos Aires on the suburban train. 

If you prefer traveling Buenos Aires – Tigre – Buenos Aires by train, consider cruising around the Tigre Delta from Tigre Harbor. There are various cruise companies selling tickets at the harbor. You will have a fantastic time cruising through the narrow canals of the Tigre Delta.

Get inspired by some photos of this amazing trip:
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