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Drawing on our nearly two decades of travel expertise in the region, Rail South America offers premium-quality small group tours of the most extraordinary places in Latin America. Our escorted tours are meticulously planned and continuously refined in order to ensure the safest, most satisfying experience for all of our guests.

Rail South America offers travelers an authentic, immersive experience of South America and its many cultural and scenic wonders—all explained and celebrated by our passionate and knowledgeable local guides.

Meet the Founder

Travel Planner Peter Lauffer is on a never-ending search for new and exciting tourist destinations.

Peter Lauffer

"I am a Tour Developer specializing in Railway Journeys in South America. My guests are railfans (or simply those who wish to discover the wonders of travel by rail) as well as seasoned travelers eager to explore South America. My field of activity ranges from Panama to Patagonia. Other niches in which I work with my team include Flower, Garden, and Agricultural tours."

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What we offer

When you travel with Rail South America, you are teaming with modern pioneers of train and long-distance travel expeditions in South America.

The Best Guides

A knowledgeable, friendly tour guide makes the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one. Our guides are hand-picked by Rail South America or our local partners as the absolute best available.

Small Travel Groups

Our itineraries have been carefully designed to maximize the benefits of traveling in small groups. We take you places and allow you experiences that simply would not be possible with traditionally larger tour groups.

Unique Trip Designs

Rail South America tours provide you the opportunity to discover the most fascinating cultural and natural wonders of South America, stretching from Panama and Patagonia.


Our tours may not be the cheapest available, but you won’t find a better value for your money.

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