🇵🇪 Lima to Huancayo Train Departures 2024

Written by Peter Lauffer
March 4, 2024

As someone who has eagerly awaited the revival of the train service from Lima to Huancayo, I must admit, my anticipation has been tinged with a bit of disappointment. Ferrocarril Central Andino S.A. (FCCA), the operator behind this high-altitude journey, has announced that the train won't be running until further notice, with no set date for when the services will resume.

Lima to Huancayo Train over the Carrion Bridge
Lima to Huancayo Train over the Carrion Bridge

Lima - Huancayo Train in 2024

Last year, our hopes were dashed by landslides caused by the El Niño phenomenon, which wreaked havoc on the railway, especially between Chaclacayo and Matucana. The damage was severe, leading to a halt in operations that would take at least six months to recover from. This year, just when we thought the tracks might clear, we've hit another snag: missing official permissions. It's hard not to wonder, is there a genuine interest in getting this train back on its tracks anytime soon?

The Lima to Huancayo train journey is nothing short of spectacular, offering a unique experience as it chugs its way to the highest-altitude standard-gauge railway station in South America at Galera, 4,781 meters (15,681 feet) above sea level. It's a journey that makes two official tourist stops, including one at San Bartolome to witness the fascinating process of turning the locomotive around. Despite the so-so food quality, the experience of traveling through such breathtaking landscapes with the convenience of onboard services like a nurse and oxygen is unparalleled. 

Train crossing in Galera, the highest railway station in South America

Especially in "Clase Turistico," with its comfortable Pullman seats, panoramic windows, and access to the observation carriage, the journey promises unmatched views and comfort. It's an experience I've recommended time and again, emphasizing the importance of acclimatizing to the altitude and consulting with a doctor if necessary.

Train from Lima to Huancayo crossing the High Andes

However, with the service suspended and no clear path to its return, those dreams and recommendations are on hold. The silence from the FCCA regarding a potential restart date only adds to the frustration and disappointment for many of us looking forward to embarking on this adventure. It leaves us questioning the future of this iconic train journey and whether we'll ever get to experience or recommend it again with the same enthusiasm.

Observation Car Train Lima - Huancayo

As we wait for more information, all we can do is hope that the interest and efforts to resume the Lima to Huancayo train service will reignite soon. For now, though, it seems we're left with our memories of past journeys and the hope that someday, we'll once again travel across the breathtaking Peruvian landscapes on this remarkable train.

Railway Map Train Lima to Huancayo
Railway Map Train Lima to Huancayo

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