Grand Rail Tour of Brazil: A Journey of Culture, Nature, and History

Written by Peter Lauffer
August 24, 2023

Brazil is a vibrant mosaic of culture, nature, and history. And what better way to explore this vast country than by train? Welcome aboard the Grand Rail Tour of Brazil, an epic journey that takes you through the heart and soul of this incredible nation.

Map Grand Rail Tour of Brazil

Salvador de Bahia: A Melting Pot of Culture

Our journey begins in Salvador de Bahia, a city that dances to the rhythms of Afro-Brazilian beats. As we stroll through its bustling colonial center, every corner reveals stories from the past. From impromptu samba performances to colorful local markets, Salvador is a feast for the senses.

Salvador de Bahia

Vitoria to Belo Horizonte: A Scenic Rollercoaster

As we take off from Salvador, our next stop is Vitoria, the starting point of our train journey through nearly 700 kilometers of Brazil's lush countryside. As the landscapes shift outside your window, it's hard not to be mesmerized. The culmination?

Historical Railway Station Sao Joao del Rei

Belo Horizonte, a city that thrives amidst mountains and is a haven for rail enthusiasts. Here, we journey back in time aboard museum railways, navigating between Ouro Preto and Mariana, then Tiradentes to Sao Joao del Rei. It's a tangible piece of history that chugs along the tracks.

Corcovado Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro: The Heartbeat of Brazil

In Rio, the magic is palpable. The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue watches over us from Corcovado mountain, while Sugarloaf mountain offers panoramic views of the city's golden beaches and sprawling neighborhoods. Whether you're enjoying the lively Copacabana beach or dancing to the carnival beats, Rio promises memories that last a lifetime.

Serra Verde Express in the Marumbi Mountains near Moretes

From Curitiba to Morretes: Nature's Marvel

As we venture south, we embark on Brazil’s most famous tourist train journey, from Curitiba to Morretes. Winding through tropical mountain scenery, it's nature's own rollercoaster, with each turn revealing cascading waterfalls, dense forests, and breathtaking vistas.

Campinas - Jaguariuna Railway, Campinas Station

Campinas, Jaguariuna, and Sao Paulo: A Tale of Past and Present

Riding the museum steam train from Campinas to Jaguariuna feels like traveling through a sepia-toned photograph. But soon, we find ourselves amidst the bustling streets of Sao Paulo, a city that never sleeps. While here, a visit to Paranapiacaba offers a look at the old Funicular System, a testament to the engineering marvels of the past.

And for those looking for one final escapade, the roaring waters of Iguazu Falls await. It's nature's grand finale to our epic rail journey.

Iguazu Falls

The Grand Rail Tour of Brazil isn’t just a train journey. It's an exploration of culture, history, and nature. It’s about the rhythms of samba, the aroma of traditional Brazilian cuisine, and the stories that every city whispers. So, come aboard and let Brazil enchant you.

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