Funicular and Aerial Tramway to Monserrate, Bogota

Written by Peter Lauffer
July 1, 2021

The city of Bogota is still a hidden gem, especially for visitors from foreign countries. This dynamic, bustling city is a charming place to explore with its vibrant cultural scene, fascinating museums, excellent restaurants, and pulsing nightlife.

Bogota with Monserrate Hill and Sancutary
Bogota with Monserrate Hill and Sancutary

When visiting Bogota, you should not miss out on a short escape to the imposing Monserrate Hill at 3152 m (10,341 ft) above sea level. The funicular and cable car stations that take you there are not far from the “La Candelaria District,” Bogota's old town. Weather permitting, from Monserrate you can observe one of the best sunsets in the city. 

The Monserrate Hill has always been a heavily visited destination by locals and visitors alike.  The main attraction for the local population is the Monserrate Sanctuary, located not far from the funicular and cable car mountain-top stations. 

The Funicular to Monserrate

The funicular was built in 1929, facilitating the journey from the city to the Sanctuary on Monserrate Hill. Before the funicular existed, the trip from the city to the Sanctuary was arduous and complicated.

Funicular to Monserrate Hill, Bogota, Colombia
Funicular to Monserrate Hill, Bogota, Colombia

In 1962, the Empresa Funicular de Bogota modernized the funicular by replacing the old machines with stronger and faster ones. Larger railcars were added that could transport more people up and down the hill. The new railcar could transport 25 passengers seated and 57 passengers standing. These railcars from 1962 are still in use today. 

The funicular crosses two bridges on the way to the top, one that is 3.8 meters and the other 50 meters in length. On the mountainside, the journey ends after the funicular passes through a 252-meter-long tunnel to the mountain station. A restored original funicular car is on display just outside the valley station.

Cable Car to Monserrate Hill, Bogota, Colombia
Cable Car to Monserrate Hill, Bogota, Colombia

The Aerial Tramway

Because of the large number of passengers traveling daily to Monserrate Hill, the Empresa Funicular de Bogota decided to install a cable car in addition to the funicular railway. The cable car was inaugurated in 1955.

The cable car was an enormous success from the beginning. Passengers have an excellent view over the city and its surroundings from the large windows. The two cabins can transport up to 40 passengers each. The gondolas cover 880 m (2887 ft) in just 7 minutes from the valley to the mountain station. 

Me at La Candelaria in Bogota, Colombia
Me at La Candelaria in Bogota, Colombia

Tour Bogota

Visit the La Candelaria District in the afternoon and finish before sunset at Monserrate Hill. The dining options at the top range from inexpensive eateries to fancy restaurants with international cuisine. Check beforehand with the restaurant to ensure that the cable car or funicular is running that night. 

Bogota Travel Tip 

If you must choose between the cable car and the funicular, choose the cable car, as the views are spectacular. The Funicular travels through the forest and a tunnel, so with it you won't see much of the city during the trip.

Note that fewer people visit Monserrate during the afternoon. In my opinion, the late afternoon is the best time to go up, as you can watch the city of Bogota begin to light up for the evening and, with a bit of luck, you may see a spectacular sunset over the city. The Funicular and Aerial Tramway runs from 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday from 5:30 AM – 5:30 PM. When you purchase tickets, be sure to ask when the last funicular or cable car returns to the city.

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