🇵🇪 Unforgettable Train Journeys from Cusco: Machu Picchu, Andean Explorer, Arequipa & More

Written by Peter Lauffer
April 9, 2024

Uncover the magic of Peru by rail! Journey to the legendary Machu Picchu aboard luxurious trains, traverse the majestic Andes on the opulent Andean Explorer, and experience the mystical beauty of Lake Titicaca. Prepare to be captivated by these extraordinary train adventures departing from Cusco.

Cusco, the mesmerizing Incan capital, is your starting point for some of the world's most spectacular train journeys. Explore Peru's treasures with these incredible experiences:

Machu Picchu: A Journey Through Time

The Hiram Bingham Train boasts a luxurious interior with plush burgundy armchairs, polished wood, and tables set for fine dining.

Hiram Bingham Train: The pinnacle of luxury travel to Machu Picchu. Enjoy gourmet dining, elegant lounge cars, and timeless charm onboard the iconic Hiram Bingham Train. It's an unforgettable way to enhance your Machu Picchu adventure.

Enjoy a relaxing journey to Machu Picchu aboard the Vistadome train, offering panoramic views and ultimate comfort.

Vistadome & Expedition Trains: These comfortable and scenic trains offer panoramic views of the Andes – a budget-friendly way to reach the legendary Machu Picchu.

The Inca Rail First Class Train offers luxurious comfort with its tufted club chairs and expansive windows revealing stunning views.

Incarail Trains: Incarail's trains provide a range of comfort levels, from their 'First Class' Train with an observation balcony to the '360 Machu Picchu' Train designed for maximum Andean views.

The Andean Explorer & Lake Titicaca Train: Wonders of the Altiplano

The Andean Explorer & Lake Titicaca Train: Wonders of the Altiplano

Belmond Andean Explorer rests amidst the snow-capped peaks of La Raya.

Andean Explorer Train: This luxurious sleeper train journeys across the Altiplano, offering breathtaking vistas, gourmet cuisine, and lavish accommodations. Choose from journeys between Cusco and Arequipa, or Cusco and Puno, with 1-2 nights onboard the train. The Andean Explorer runs once per week in each direction for each of its routes.

Savor the elegant ambiance of Pullman-style dining and stunning Andean landscapes on the Lake Titicaca Train, connecting Puno and Cusco.

Lake Titicaca Train:  Experience the beauty of Lake Titicaca on this comfortable daylight train connecting Cusco and Puno. Enjoy the passing scenery while traveling between these iconic destinations. The Lake Titicaca Train runs three times per week in each direction.

Experience it All: Our "Buenos Aires to Lima: High Andes & Machu Picchu" Tour

Experience a vibrant cultural exchange at La Raya, where the Lake Titicaca Train pauses amidst a lively market run by local indigenous communities.

Embark on the ultimate South American adventure by rail with our "Buenos Aires to Lima: High Andes & Machu Picchu" tour. This extraordinary journey combines the best of Peru:

The majesty of Machu Picchu, including a luxurious trip on the return journey via the Hiram Bingham Train from Machu Picchu to Poroy (Cusco). The breathtaking landscapes traversed by the Lake Titicaca Train. Immersive experiences in Cusco, Arequipa, the Altiplano and much more!

PeruRail's Vistadome Train pulls out of Aguas Calientes, lush mountains framing the scene.

Tips for Your Cusco Train Adventure

- Machu Picchu and the train to Aguas Calientes have strict luggage restrictions. Only small backpacks or daypacks are allowed. Leave larger luggage at your hotel in Cusco or Ollantaytambo, or utilize the secure storage facilities at the train station.

- Late afternoon at Machu Picchu: Enjoy a quieter experience at Machu Picchu in the late afternoon.

- Combine the best: Explore options for combining different trains to create your ideal journey. Let Us Plan Your Unforgettable Adventure

Ready to experience the magic of Peruvian train travel?  Contact us to learn more about our "Buenos Aires to Lima: High Andes & Machu Picchu" tour and other customized rail journeys!

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