Unwind in Style: 3 Exceptional Hotels in Santiago de Chile

Written by Peter Lauffer
March 23, 2023

I will share a series of blog posts showcasing lodging options in South American cities worth exploring. My criteria for selecting a hotel involve considering its level of comfort, availability of a hearty breakfast, and proximity to public transportation. As an adventurer who enjoys discovering new places, having easy access to public transit is crucial. Additionally, easy access to good restaurants and bars is essential, as I enjoy at least one decent meal per day and sometimes head out to local bars to meet new people while traveling abroad.

Lastarria District, Santiago de Chile

Santiago is a bustling city with diverse cultures, expansive museums, top-notch restaurants, and lively parties. Each neighborhood in the city has its unique character, making it an excellent place for leisurely walks. The nightlife scene is vibrant, with many sidewalk eateries, cafes, and beer halls in Barrios Brasil, Lastarria, and Bellavista. Lastarria is an ideal neighborhood for solo travelers due to its central location, excellent Metro connectivity, lively Sunday market, and numerous exceptional restaurants. To cater to individual travelers looking for easy access to public transport, restaurants, and entertainment, here are three hotel options in Lastarria.

Hotel Cumbres Lastarria, Santiago de Chile

Hotel Cumbres Lastarria

The Hotel Cumbres Lastarria is a stylish 4* boutique hotel in the traditional district of Lastarria in Santiago. The area is known for its bohemian and cultural atmosphere and is surrounded by excellent restaurants and cafes. The hotel is within walking distance of the historic center and Bellavista areas, as well as Santa Lucia hill.

Room at the Hotel Cumbres Lastarria, Santiago de Chile

The street scene is lively in the late afternoon and early evening, with locals selling various items such as clothing, jewelry, books, and t-shirts. The hotel offers a delicious and substantial breakfast, and there is a small rooftop pool and gym. It is my preferred hotel for exploring Santiago, and several Metro stations are conveniently located nearby for those who prefer public transportation.

Hotel Luciano K, Santiago de Chile

Hotel Luciano K

Hotel Luciano K is a boutique hotel with 38 rooms that combine antique character and art deco design. The hotel's ground floor comprises a lobby, bar, sauna, and restaurant, while the 300-square-meter terrace on the roof offers a bar, a heated pool, and breathtaking views of Parque Forestal and Alameda. Located in the Lastarria area, the building is a historical landmark designed by architect Luciano Kulczewski in the 1920s.

Room at Hotel Luciano K, Santiago de Chile

The hotel was Chile's tallest building and the first with an elevator and central heating at the time of its construction. The hotel's architecture and style reflect the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s, blended with modern comfort and cutting-edge technology in international hotels. The hotel's location is ideal for those exploring Bellavista's numerous bars and restaurants.

Rooftop Hotel Luciano K, Santiago de Chile

The trendy hotel is very gay-friendly. Although the hotel entrance is on a bustling street, it only takes a brief stroll to access some top-notch dining establishments and bars. Furthermore, the Baquedano Metro station is conveniently located only a short walk from the hotel.

Hotel Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile

Hotel Altiplano Lastarria

The 4* Hotel Altiplano Lastarria is situated in the Bellas Artes neighborhood, an ideal location for tourists visiting Santiago. The hotel has a spacious reception and lounge area on the ground floor where you can grab a coffee or hot chocolate for 24 hours. The rooms are spacious and combine modern elements with the old style of the building.

Room at the Hotel Bellas Artes Santiago

The district of Bellas Artes is home to many attractions, including museums, monuments, theaters, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, bookstores, and design shops. The Bellavista neighborhood is located across the Mapocho river and is known for its bohemian and picturesque atmosphere. At night, the streets light up with various bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, making it a popular destination for those seeking an entertaining evening in Santiago.

Reception and Lounge Area Hotel Bellas Artes, Santiago

It is important to note that the hotel does not have an elevator, which may be challenging for individuals who need help climbing stairs. Although an elevator is available for luggage, guests must climb the stairs to reach the upper floors. If you want to avoid climbing the stairs, ask for a room on the ground floor. Nevertheless, despite the missing elevator, the hotel is among my favorites from which to explore Santiago.

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