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Read about Train related Travel News from South America. We present you railway lines, changes in train travel and tips how you get around in South America traveling whenever posible by train.

Dining Cars in South America

Dining-Cars on South American Trains

The dining car was not invented based on romantic feelings for traveling, but to feed train travelers on long-distance journeys.

Sao Joao del Rei Train Station

Museum Railways in Minas Gerais – Brazil

Steam trains are affectionately known in Brazil as Marias Fumaça (Smoking Marys). A few of these locomotives are renovated and run from time to time as Museum Trains in Minas Gerais.

Pulacayo Locomotoras

Pulacayo Mining Site near Uyuni, Bolivia

I am very interested in exploring abandoned industrial sites. One of these sites is the Huanchaca-Pulacayo Mine, located about 25km from the city of Uyuni in Bolivia.

Trains in South America

Train Travel in South America

Discovering South America by Train is not easy, but possible if you have the time and are patient. In this article, I write about train travel on non-touristic trains, which is an exciting way to discover and observe a region and its people.

Tren de la Sabana

Tren de la Sabana, Bogota

The “Tren Turistico de la Sabana” operates on weekends between Bogota and Zipaquira. The train journey can be combined with a visit to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira or the Salt Mine in Nemocon. Entrance tickets to these sites are sold on the train.

Peter Lauffer Tram Campo de Jordao

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Sao Paulo Railway

Paranapiacaba Cable Railway, Santos, Brazil

The Paranapiacaba Cable Railway was part of the Santos – Sao Paulo – Jundiai Railway in Brazil. The out of the common Cable Railway section was necessary to overcome the Serra do Mar, a mountain range that separates the city of Sao Paulo from the Atlantic Ocean.

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Ferrobuses in South America

3 Amazing Ferrobus Journeys in South America

Ferrobuses are an exciting way to tavel in South America. These buses on rails travel on interesting railroads and serve villages that have no regular bus services, often in rural areas with little population or bad roads. You find these kinds of rail vehicles in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Antioquia Railway

Antioquia Railway, Colombia

The Antioquia Railroad linked the province of Caldas, the areas in the Cauca Valley, and the central region of the Antioquia province with the Magdalena River.

Arica-La Paz Railway

Railway Arica – La Paz

The Arica – La Paz Railway passes 205 kilometers in Chile and 235 kilometers in Bolivia. The railway crosses some of the most inhospitable lands of both countries when it snakes through a fantastic landscape of deserts and snowy volcanoes.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an approximately 82-kilometer-long waterway connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean.

Tren del Vino Chile

Tren del Recuerdo in Chile

The “Tren del Recuerdo” is a Chilean tourist train that begins its route in the Central Station of Santiago de Chile.

Small Group Tours

Why travel in a Small Group Tour?

When the word “Group Tour” is mentioned, many may think of a horde of chattering, snapping photo tourists. But there are many reasons for a Small Group Tour.

Panama Canal Railway

Panama Canal Railway

The Panama Canal Railway is a railway line linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in Central America.

La Trochita Old Patagonian Express

La Trochita Train Patagonia

La Trochita, officially known as the Old Patagonian Express, is the common name given to a railway line linking the provinces of Río Negro and Chubut of the Argentine Patagonia.

Tren Ecuador

Trains in Ecuador

Trains in Ecuador are good for train enthusiasts, but it is of limited use for traveling because trains run only on short routes and that mainly on weekends.

Train Lima - Huancayo over Carrion Bridge

Lima-Huancayo Train Schedule 2020

The LIma-Huancayo Train trip takes 14 hours. The train ticket includes breakfast and lunch. A nurse and oxygen are available on the train.

Expreso del Sur Bolivia

Expreso del Sur from Oruro to Villazon

The Expreso del Sur is a comfortable train traveling across the Bolivian Altiplano from Oruro to Villazon. The journey 13 hours fro the 600km

Tren a las Nubes at the Polvorilla Viaduct

Train to the Clouds Experience

The Train to the Clouds is one of the most famous scenic train routes in South America and worth the journey when traveling in north-western Argentina.