Lima - Huancayo Train Departures 2020

Written by Peter Lauffer
June 6, 2020
The Ferrocarril Central Andino S.A. (FCCA) is operating the passenger trains between Lima and Huancayo. The Train passes the highest regular-gauge railway station in South America at an altitude of 4781 m (15'681 ft) above sea level in Galera.
Carrion Bridge

The Train climbs in about 6 - 7 hours from Lima at 150 m up to Galera at 4781 m above sea level. The whole trip to Huancayo takes about 14 hours. The Train passes over several spirals and does 6 Zigzags between Lima and Huancayo.

The Train does two official tourist stops on its way to Huancayo. The first stop is in San Bartolome. You can watch how the locomotive changes direction. You can buy drinks and something to eat during the stop. The second stop is at the Galera Station, the highest railway station on the journey. In Galera is no food available. On the trip from Huancayo to Lima, the Train stops in Galera only.

LIma - Huancayo Train

The train to Huancayo departs about 8 - 9 times per year between April and November. From January - March (rainy season), are no passenger trains running. The train fare includes airline-style breakfast and lunch. The food quality on the Train is so-so. The service of a nurse and oxygen is available on the Train.

The Train has two travel classes: In "Clase Turistico," you have comfortable Pullman seats, panoramic windows, and air conditioning. Only in "Clase Turistico," you have access to the observation carriage with a bar and lounge.

Inside a carriage of "Clase Turistico"

In "Clase Clasico," the seat arrangements are 2x2 benches facing each other with a small table separating the facing benches. Classico passengers don't have access to the Observation car. The food in "Clase Turistico" and "Clase Clasico" is the same.

🚂 Travel Tip: I strongly recommend paying the supplement for the "Clase Turistico." The journey is much more comfortable, and the views you get from the observation car are the best you can experience on a train if the weather is beautiful enough.

🧨 A Word of Caution: Acclimatize well to the altitude before you undertake this train journey. The Train overcomes a huge altitude difference in a relatively short period, ask your doctor if you have heart or lung problems or suffer from high blood pressure.

Map Lima - Huancayo Train

Train Fares 2020 for foreign Travelers:

Clase Turistico: Lima - Huancayo - Lima S./ 1000.-- per person Lima - Huancayo S./ 750.-- per person Huancayo - Lima S./ 520.-- per person

Clase Classico: Lima - Huancayo - Lima S./ 700.-- pp Lima - Huancayo S./ 500.-- per person Huancayo - Lima S./ 311.-- per person

FCCA applies special rates for Peruvian Citizens and Residents, . 3 - 12-year-old Children have a 50% discount on the prices mentioned above Children under three years travel free.

Lima - Huancayo - Lima 2020:

  • 27 June: Lima - Huancayo 30 June: Huancayo - Lima
  • 27 July: Lima - Huancayo 30 July: Huancayo - Lima
  • 29 August: Lima - Huancayo 1 September: Huancayo - Lima
  • 25 September: Lima - Huancayo 27 September: Huancayo - Lima
  • 8 October: Lima - Huancayo 11 October: Huancayo - Lima
  • 30 October: Lima - Huancayo 2 November: Huancayo - Lima
  • 20 November: Lima - Huancayo 22 November: Huancayo - Lima