Why Choose Rail South America?

Rail South America is the world's one and only tour operators, specializing in train travel in South America.Please turn to the experts at Rail South America, where we specialize in train tours throughout South America and Panama.

Are you ready to discover South America by Train?

Please turn to the experts at Rail South America, where we specialize in train tours throughout South America and Panama. Whether you seek a luxury train travel experience, or you search adventure train journeys, we organize train trips for all tastes in interests.

Based in Ecuador, our proximity to the travel destinations means we’re well-positioned to select the most exceptional train journeys. It’s our extensive local and regional knowledge, especially of railway related routes, that sets us apart from many other tour operators. Many of our tours would be difficult or sometimes even impossible to organize from abroad. Most tours require an intensive logistical organization so that we can travel in a relatively short time with as many trains as possible and enjoy the region at the same time.

We also organize special interest tours to abandoned railroads, mining sites, and industrial complexes in South America. These Expeditons are for photographers or explorers alike. Send us an email in case you are looking for this kind of tour.

Our tours have in common that they are very comfortable. We stay overnight in good middle-class to luxury hotels. An exception might be “Rail Enthusiast Journeys,” where we sometimes have to sleep in remote villages to catch the train early morning.

So why explore South America by train?

Train tours provide travelers with a unique opportunity to see all of the beautiful sights which would otherwise be missed if you were to fly. And traveling by train is much more comfortable (and less stressful!) than traveling by car or bus.

And while you’ll enjoy pre-planned excursions at each destination, you’ll also have plenty of time to explore many destinations individually, at a pace that appeals to you.

If you’re ready to book a train tour in South America, turn to the experts here at Rail South America. We invite you to view our tour packages, and when you’re ready to book your tour, email us [email protected].

Enjoy Amazing Railway Tours Around South America With A Great Team Of Expert Guides.

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