Why travel in a Small Group Tour?

When the word "Group Tour" is mentioned, many may think of a horde of chattering, snapping photo tourists. But there are many reasons for a Small Group Tour.

When the word “Group Tour” is mentioned, many may think of a horde of chattering, snapping photo tourists who are moved from one site to the next by a flag-waving tour guide. But apart from these clichés, there are real alternatives – also for individualists: Adventure and Discovery trips in small groups with local guides, for travelers who want to look behind the scenes, want to experience a country and its culture. There are many reasons for a Small Group Trip. 

1.) Experience more together and share experiences when traveling in a Small Group Tour

Together you experience more, and the adventures become even more beautiful when you can share them with your new friends from the group. Travelers usually have similar interests, so you quickly make new friends. And sometimes these remain after the return.

2.) The composition of the Small Tour Group 

How well the group harmonizes also depends on the right mix. The more colorful and diverse, the better! Our Small Tour Groups at Rail South America always have international groups. The tour language is then English. You will get to know travelers from all over the world. Besides, solo travelers, couples, and friends travel in a group, so that you also feel comfortable when you are going as a single person. 

3.) No extra costs for solo travelers

Many tour operators offer half-double rooms. Then you share the hotel room with a traveler of the same sex; the single room surcharges do not apply. We at Rail South America offer the Half-Double Room option to our guests and help to search actively another tour participant to share the room. In case no travel partner can be found, you have the option to pay the single supplement, or we reimburse your deposit. 

4.) Organizational convenience

When it comes to planning and organizing a trip, many travelers drive themselves crazy. They read one guidebook after the other and try to plan far too many sights in too little time. You are far more relaxed when you know that everything is already arranged for a group trip. You do not have to worry about transport from A to B, and have not to worry where you will be staying. You only need to find out in advance which tour or tour operator best suits you.

5.) Freedom for your discoveries

During Small Group Trips, the day is not planned from early morning to late at night. The highlights of a country are often an integral part of a tour, but there is still time for optional activities and your discoveries. You can often individually stroll through a market and shop extensively, sit comfortably in a café, or enjoy the beach. Or you can get together with your new friends and go on an exploration. 

6.) The tour guide – your friend and helper

The Tour Leader is the contact for all questions and enriches your trip immensely. He or she talks out of the box, reports on experiences, translates, reveals local insider tips, helps you should you need a doctor or a pharmacy or even with entry formalities, etc. The Tour Leader travels with his group and is part of the group and also celebrate sometimes. On all trips at Rail South America, a Tour Leader goes with the group, but a local guide at each destination explains to you the sites we visit. Since our tours always cover vast distances, the Tour Leader never would have the knowledge to cover every sight and answer all your questions during a whole journey. 

7.) Security

It can always happen that something unforeseen occurs during a trip, like an accident, strike, natural disaster, or unrest; as a result, your journey cannot go as planned. The route may then be changed or another mode of transport chosen – in any case, you are in good hands. And your loved ones at home also have a contact person to whom they can turn.

8.) Special experiences

Many group trips also include encounters that are difficult to enjoy alone. The tour operators organize experiences that are very special and that you enjoy remembering all your life. At Rail South America, we coordinate experiences such as train journeys on remote railroads, meals in unusual places, luxury adventures that are not bookable as such, arrange a tour in a way to have fewer times are changing accommdation, etc.  

Enjoy Amazing Railway Tours Around South America With A Great Team Of Expert Guides.

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